sometimes, when I go to bed, and I can’t sleep, which happens pretty much always; or it’s so hot, that the only comfortable position for me is lying on my back, I stare at the ceiling..

and I wonder how many other people stare at their ceilings as they wait to fall asleep.

and I think this little ceiling of mine, dressed in darkness and shadow, is an entire Universe. and entire sky, that no one else can see, yet … everyone can see it.

’cause, you, who are reading this; I don’t know you, I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what have you had for breakfast and do you hate herbal tea as I do, as I hate all types of tea; but.. you and I seem to have an identical hobby. you and I seem to stare at the same sky.

do you feel it? do you see it? the magic, the spark, the irreplaceable and uncontrollable emotion that breaks your heart into a million little selfish pieces, yet ready to take their way back home to turn into oneness…

and this oneness, do you feel it as it beats faster and faster in your chest?

I do. god, I do. every night…

it’s kind of a dream really

there are moments I can swear that if I lifted my hands up to my sky, I would touch it..

and now a secret.

sometimes I do.

and it feels so real.

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