someone told me…

someone told me (i knew who it was a second ago but my eyelids feel so heavy, i’m just gonna say it and take off)

we were talking about whether winter or summer is better
’cause i knew i hated summer and i thought i preferred winter and someone told me it’s so easy to cool down when you’re hot and i thought it’s just as easy to get warm when you’re cold

or so it seemed in the haze of july but i really thought it was true until now, until today

you cannot escape the cold

you cannot run from the freeze

you could warm up for a while but it’ll always be just for a while, temporarily, always in the expectation of the nonchalant wind to take over and blow

it is everywhere, when it’s cold

it gets under the sheets, in the boots, through the three pairs of socks, in your face, on your cheeks, beneath your hat (you even wear a hat), through the hole of your glove, through your eyes, into your eyes, inside your eyes

do you know that the pupil is actually a hole? like a real, no kidding and all, hollow thing

like it’s not only that i feel as if the wind’s penetrating into my eyes, it actually is, it actually does

through your sleeves..

the fingertips are on my tongue and i feel itchy scratchy biting against my neck leaning forward other fish to fry no man is an island coffee is cold microwave changes ionic structure chemistry test on thursday thought thought thought beep over gone sleep

but wait. the room smelled like banana and citrus and cinnamon and flour and oven and like thousands of winters.