divine intervention


трябва да пиша повече в проза.

also: keeping this blog over the past six years has been one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. and this is rarely the case with the choices i make. not only because i get to, sort of, keep an archive of myself, my innumerable selves, more precisely; but because i’m offered with the great opportunity and – say it, why don’t you – honour of rereading myself through the years. and it’s so surreal, i don’t feel like reading myself, i know i’ve written all of it, i remember what provoked me to do so, however, i don’t feel like i actually wrote it. ALSO: it’s a major asset, come to think of it, as a parent. just think how cool i’d look to my kids when they find it and go through it. okay, they might be relatively bored and pretend they’re not intrigued by it but deep down they’d like to see what their mom was like when she was their age. i remember how i myself devoured every inch of, even the remotely reminiscing memorabilia, my own folks’ stuff. myeah. they’ll love it.

so thank god for wordpress and long live the digital era.