bravery was one quality I always reckoned I possessed, yet it wasn’t until 2015 I got painfully tested and proved myself how right I actually was. unfortunately (but logically), being brave is seldom equivalent to being care-free, since bravery is constructed by fear, as Oriana Fallaci, my current female writer crush, would say.
so the one thing i’d wish for in 2016 is to be even braver than before, without the vexing, and, at times, suffocating feeling of drowning, which I mostly owe to being unable to… basically… let go.
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In all of 2015, I didn’t have one moment feeling as free, care-less and above-it-all as this woman appears… Maybe in 2016.10418328_10153690980620240_2152582733122168060_n


“welcome to your life,
there’s no turning back”

//whilst trying to beat up anxiety’s ass and repeatedly telling myself that everything is/will be okay and i needn’t worry so much about everything. when did i even become such a worrier.
anyway, i’m turning up my music to subdue the voices that plant the seeds of fear in my flesh