lightning bolt


Genius (2016, dir. Michael Grandage) e важен филм по презумпция (за редактори си говорим все пак), но този цитат ме спечели.

The last time I saw my father I was standing at a train window when I went north to college. He just got smaller and smaller as we pulled away, until I couldn’t see him anymore. That train carried me to my life. Beyond the hills and over the rivers. And always, the rivers run. Sometimes they flow away from my father and sometimes they flow back to his door. I have to prove I can do it by myself.

Then prove it.

Все си мисля за татко напоследък. Не споделям вече почти, но ми липсва. Не ми липсва той, липсва ми възможността за него. Липсва ми да знам, че все пак е някъде там.

Не можах да кажа сбогом. Това най-много ми тежи.

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