I know, I know, I know that this is changing me

That word again: What did it mean? to be gone? Everyone was disappearing.
At recess, he left. He simply marched away. He walked toward the most distant swing set and then walked on. He just didn’t stop. It had never occurred to him before that he could not stop. Everyone stopped. But in the face of his mother’s goneness, all the world’s normal rules fell away. If she could leave, why couldn’t he? So he did. He walked away and was surprised how easy it was. He walked along the sidewalk, didn’t even attempt to run or hide. He walked in plain view and nobody stopped him. Nobody said a word. He floated away. It was a whole new reality. Maybe, he thought, his mother also found it this easy. To go. What kept people where they were, in their normal orbits?

Nothing, he realized for the first time. There was nothing to stop anyone from, on any given day, vanishing.


Да станеш и да си тръгнеш

, помисли тя и победоносна усмивка грейна на лицето ѝ, сякаш беше търсила нещо с месеци, дори с години, нещо, в чието естество не беше съвсем сигурна, нещо, в чието съществуване нерядко се съмняваше. Най-накрая го беше открила и сякаш всичко се състоеше в него.

В простото действие да си тръгнеш и да видиш, че наистина няма какво да те спре.
















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