how to be a human being

Неотдавна попаднах на предаване за пилотите на изтребители и се сетих, че в това видео вокалистът на Glass Animals е точно в такава центрофуга, в която ги тренират.

Описанието на видеото е ключ към разбирането на тази песен (и към това, на което са подложени пилотите на изтребители впрочем). И е една от най-хубавотъжните истории, свързани с песни.

dear friends… nervously excited to share with you the video for Agnes. it’s hard to explain exactly how it feels inside a human centrifuge. you sit in a small egg-like pod about the size of a horse which hangs off a 50 foot steel horizontal frame. It looks like something out of a bond villain’s lair. it’s claustrophobic and uncomfortable and also incredibly hot.

slowly the whole thing starts to rotate like a helicopter blade. Faster and faster until every part of you becomes crushed under the extreme gravity. it’s like being slowly sat on by an elephant, or like your whole body being punched in slow motion. you have to flex every muscle and use every ounce of strength you have to keep going. breathing requires serious effort. movement becomes incredibly strained and almost painful. everything that once weighed 5 kilograms now weighs 50. it’s difficult even to keep your eyes open. it hurts in places you really didn’t know existed. veins and capillaries burst under the pressure and bruising begins. it’s a rapid physical overdrive.

the blood rushes from your brain making it impossible to think rationally or focus. your eyes are also drained and you get tunnel vision… only able to see small circles of the world directly infront of you and your sight goes completely greyscale… no more colour. your balance and spatial awareness goes and the world begins to spin like you’ve had way too much to drink. but the most striking thing is the way that the machine pulls on your heart. you can actually feel it struggling to beat and changing shape… flattening inside of your chest. It’s similar to that horrible sinking, tugging heartache that comes only with complete and overwhelming sadness. and then you pass out.

we ran the centrifuge 18 times while i tried to sing along to a song which i find difficult to listen to at the best of times. this was probably the most intense video-making experience I’ll ever have. But it’s the only way that we could just about begin to simulate for a moment what happens within Agnes.

speak soon,

Мъчно ми е, че битовото взема превес все по-често и ме тормози. Истински се ядосвам, че се чувствам все по-силно неудовлетворена от нещо, което преди ми носеше истински смисъл. Надявам се това да не е краят:Д и т.н. Като изключим един-два драматични изблика, се справям със ситуациите сравнително спокойно.

Иначе съм добре, цяла вечер си мисля за един цитат от Ан Секстън, Джонатан Сафран Фоер се бил развел с жена си заради платонична любов към Натали Портман (и аз бих се развела заради нея; и трябва да дочета тази книга), чета един страхотен роман, тази вечер за пръв път от два-три месеца написах стихотворение.

В главата ми има и други неща, но знаем, че не са много. Литературнича по default.

speak soon,

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