Mon Roi


Abandon those who abandon themselves.
You came to me precisely because of who I was.

Must you ruin everything? As if the world were new? As if it were the first morning? As if it were still dawn? The truth is that what has already been ruined, our founding disillusion, is our freedom. You must have nothing to lose to love heart and soul. You must ellipse the giddiest heights to dare to plunge headlong. You must endure the fall of empires and the greatest storms to be together (…). You must have lived, you must have lost, over and over again (…). Love is nothing when it’s new, clean and pure. Love before the storm is not a decision. It’s a decree. When the event, accident or opportunity occurs, be there. Standing. Find the word, action or look. Yes, my love, in that moment, rely on me. I won’t go missing. At that minute, I’ll be there. And so, I predict, we shall be the winners.

– I love you.
– It’s too soon.
– Really? What time is it?

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